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Our Missions in Bolivia

     Alicia’s Clipping and Refurbishing started on 2019 during the pandemic. The repercussions on people in Bolivia were significant and deeply personal. This little seed of an idea started in my garden.
2019 was a hard time for the entire world. No matter where you lived, the effects of the virus touched many households without discrimination.
     Bolivia suffered as the pressures of a global pandemic and political issues deteriorated their already poor and precarious heath system. Bolivians where living of a day by day income. As businesses struggled and people lost their jobs, it caused a ripple effect that lead to suffering in different ways. Many people lost the means to support their families, pay their rents, and were left to flounder in helplessness.
     Pastor Cesar Flores from La Lumbrera Church reached out to me and shared the devastation of the new virus on the Bolivian people. My first thought was, how can I help, what can I do, and what resources do I have that can be used to produce some relief. My first reaction was not to ask people to donate. The only thing I had in my hands were my plants and my beloved garden. I started to reproduce my plants. I created sprouts from a mother plant and sold them online.      Many friends were interested as well as people outside of my circle of acquaintances. My Bolivian herbs were one of my hugest successes. Most profits were sent to Bolivia to pay rents, help with groceries, and purchase small presents for kids during Christmas time.
     This year, the number of plants is bigger, and so is my dream. This year my plan is to start thinking on a bigger scale. I wish to continue to support in building a church for the Lumbrera congregation, help the people who have the most need, and support the children, especially the children with special needs.
     It will be the start of a long journey but one I have the conviction to see through. I believe I can spread the word and love of God through plants and flowers.

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